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I started playing this game with a friend of mine who lives overseas and enjoys penning hand-written letters. She enjoys stories with a bit of melancholy, and has been intrigued with the concept of role-play for a long time. I figured this game would be a perfect fit, as she has a busy schedule and our time zone differences make it difficult to video chat for a long period of time. We haven't finished playing the game yet, but I find myself intrigued and inspired every time I recieve a letter. This has definitely added something new to our letter-writing experience. Thank you.

I am glad the game is connecting with you two. If you are up to it, I'd love to hear about the stories you two created.

Thank you for this. Using it for a grief group w/my friends <3


I hope it is fun and helpful.

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The Reaper's Almanac is a multiplayer letter-writing rpg about safeguarding souls after death by ensuring that they are remembered.

It's 25 pages, with clean, readable layout and stunningly gorgeous cover art, but no interior illustrations.

Because of its heavier themes, the Almanac includes safety tool recommendations for the letter-writing format. It doesn't invent anything new, but it does suggest establishing Lines before you begin.

Content-wise, Almanac lets you take your story anywhere you want, but it also provides a campaign of sorts, adding a lot of helpful optional structure to gameplay.

The campaign is unexpectedly intense, and heads towards specific, structured outcomes, but you could probably use it as a novelling prompt as well. At bare minimum, this book is well-written and presents a web of compelling stories.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Reaper's Almanac both to folks who like letter-writing games and to folks who like choose-your-own-adventure-style gamebooks. It has a little of that latter energy to it, enough that it'll likely appeal to people who are hesitant about playing a correspondence game.